Goodreads Giveaway

Update: Two thousand seven hundred and twenty-two readers (2,722!) entered the Goodreads giveaway for a chance to read MOTT STREET.

Congratulations to the 15 lucky winners. It gave me such a thrill to see their names on the site.

Major kudos to: Linda, Angela, Mandybeth, Paige, Laura (auntieyorgareads), Jamie Ray, Betty, Carlos Giron, Jamie, Nesie, Andi, Jayla Mills, Nancy Shepherd, Louise, Cathyann Miller. Enjoy!

[Posted November 2022]

Penguin Press is giving away advanced reader copies of MOTT STREET to 15 lucky readers on Goodreads from now to 11/28/2022.

Those are odds that even my gambler grandfathers would have loved.