Mott Street Book Tour & Launch

MOTT STREET and I hit the ground running this year with tour dates in more than 7 different cities, including San Francisco, L.A., Boston, Seattle, Austin, TX and Miami, with several events in my hometown of NYC. It’s been a wonderful, wild ride.

I can’t thank everyone enough for coming out. I met new friends and got reacquainted with former classmates—including friends from elementary school and high school who are now living all across the country. My favorite moments were seeing school chums that I hadn’t seen in decades, as well as those wonderful moments when folks afterwards introduced themselves as former residents of NY Chinatown who knew my family. You all are the best.

My last event of the year will be a wonderful little Meet & Greet at YU & ME Books, 2pm-4pm, SAT. 12/2. Many of you may know that Yu & Me’s space on Mulberry Street suffered from a fire last summer, and the owner, Lucy Yu, pivoted to moving the entire operation to a pop-up at Essex Market’s Market Line (basement). If you’re on the Lower East Side or downtown, come on by, say hello, and support this lovely bookstore with the big heart.

Can’t wait to see you!

Scroll below for images of MOTT STREET on the road.

Celeste Ng and Ava Chin at Harvard Book Store, 4/28/2023
Qian Julie Wang and Ava Chin at the NYC launch for Mott Street, Think!Chinatown, 4/26/2023.
Photo by Hai-Li Kong
Photo by Hai-Li Kong
Photo by Hai-Li Kong

2 responses to “Mott Street Book Tour & Launch”

  1. Hi,

    Will you be in SF Bay area again in 2024?

    So busy myself that I didn’t know about your book!

    I have checked it out at library!

    If you come to Bay Area in 2024 for another book signing, I’ll buy it for my children and grandchildren.

    BTW, I’m a 1st or 2nd generation Chinese American and my children are 100%!

    My mom and dad from Toishan. Dad, after 1st wife died, married my mom 30 years younger!

    I’m grateful to be born in America.

    I could go on but I have said enough.

    • Happy 2024! Thanks for reaching out and I hope you enjoy reading MOTT STREET. Right now, my plans are to visit Chicago and North Dakota this spring, but if another visit to the Bay Area is scheduled I’ll let you know.
      Happy New Year!